Linkar is a suite of components that facilitates efficient connectivity to MultiValue Databases.

Linkar SERVER works with almost all MultiValue Database platforms centralizing connections and optimizing DBMS license usage.

Client apps use Linkar CLIENT libraries to interact with the database through Linkar SERVER, with bindings for popular languages.

Summary: With the Linkar suite of components, client-side interfaces are written with a variety of programming languages, to connect to a variety of MV servers.

Download the Linkar Live Demo and test it now.

All the Linkar Operational components work in Windows, Linux and Mac OS




per database session


per year and db session
We strongly recommend you install the Lite Version and test it before purchasing.
For Linkar Docker consult with Kosday Solutions.
Features LITE PRO
Database sessions or Lines
opened simultaneously
 1  According to Purchase
Maximum number of Client Sessions  1  Unlimited
Calls through Linkar REST API for each Linkar SERVER restart  30  Unlimited
Forum Support    
Access to Suscription    
Premium Support     With Subsctiption
New versions     With Subsctiption