Linkar MANAGER is responsible for the configuration and monitoring of Linkar Server. It is also responsible for managing requests through the Linkar REST API.

Linkar MANAGER uses an internally embedded web server; it can be configured  through Linkar MANAGER to use any other web server, like IIS or Apache.

This browser-based application facilitates configuration of Profiles and EntryPoints to databases, monitoring and management of open sessions, definition of Schemas (see below), creation of REST API Keys (see below).

A Profile defines a DBMS server. EntryPoints within the Profile describe the number of sessions to use, when and how to open those sessions, and the DBMS connection type. Sessions can be configured to initialize permanently, when starting the Linkar SERVER service, or to start on-demand when working conditions require more sessions to meet client requests. EntryPoint configuration within the MANAGER facilitates configuration of Login Strings for connections via “Terminal” interfaces (Telnet or SSH) with any database.

The Linkar MANAGER also includes access to logs, traffic statistics, and all available usage and development resources, including documentation, client libraries, code samples, blogs, and the forum.

Display for notifications in the MANAGER when product updates are available.

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