Linkar SCHEMAS allows file definitions and dictionaries to be increased with a set of properties that can later be used in different environments or platforms like .Net, Java, etc.

Likewise, it will allow us to define our database files so that they are visible by the relational world, converting the groups of multivalues or subvalues ​​into independent relational tables among themselves, and related to each other.

The Schemas are defined by each EntryPoint and their data is saved in the data account associated with it.

Linkar SCHEMAS do not alter the dictionaries defined in the Database. All data is stored in native Linkar files, in the data account associated with the EntryPoint. Linkar SCHEMAS also do not create any dictionary in the database.

Linkar SCHEMAS have three components:

  • Schemas: Database file extended definitions.
  • Properties: Database file Properties for file attributes.
  • EntryPoint Parameters: EntryPoint exclusive to Schemas parameters.
  • Master Parameters: General parameters.

Schemas enlarge the file definition. With them, the MV files can be operated in other environments.
The Schema code must be the same as the database file name and MUST exist in the account.

Properties increase the file attribute definition. With them, the file can be used in other non MV environments.
File Schema must exist in order to define their properties.

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