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Historical Versions

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MV Components updated                10 FEB 2021

 WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar Suite installed)

   You must upgrade the MV Components.


0000691: Added locking control on writings

In the New and Update functions, the MV components will now return an error when trying to write a record locked by another user in the database.

Error number 132: Operation Cancelled. Record %1 is locked by user %2

Previously, it was returned by Timeout.


Revision 2.1.5                20 JAN 2021

 WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar Suite installed)

You must upgrade the MV Components.



0000663: New structure in the Linkar documentation.

There are two new Manuals for Linkar Framework and Linkar Trainer.

Linkar Clients section has been removed in the Linkar Suite manual. Now it is a new independent manual.

There are new links to the rest of the manuals from the Linkar Suite manual.



0000648: Solved memory release problems using QMClient

0000661: Reality has been included in the list of supported Linkar databases,

working with Terminal and Socket connection type




0000532: New documentation for Linkar REST API with Swagger

From the Linkar Manager, Linkar REST API menu you can access the Swagger environment for testing and help.

You also will find static documentation at



0000641: Solved Error in Dictionaries Method with D3 and MvBase

0000671: Solved Error in New Method with Itemid empty


0000430: New Linkar Framework

Linkar Framework for .NET, Core , Java, C and Node.js

Soon,  Python, PHP, COM...


0000664: Added Linkar Framework for .NET to Nugget repository for use in Visual Studio



0000662: New utility Linkar Trainer for developers

This utility helps developers to test Linkar Framework different functions and to see the source code in different environments.



Revision 2.1.4                27 NOV 2020

 WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar Suite installed)

You must upgrade the MV Components.


0000629, 000635: Bug in broken lines management

0000633: EntryPoints that uses a SOCKET type connection do not start after stopping them.


0000639: EntryPoint Configuration. Change in "Maximum string size in database memory" parameter.

         Now the size is chosen through a combo.

         This parameter is important for improving the response speed performance of the MV components.



0000637: Packet size error when the database encoding is different than the Linkar Server encoding.

0000638: Improved the processing speed when the database encoding is different from the Linkar Server encoding

         In SOCKET, QMCLIENT and JBASE connections, special character mappings have been improved by reducing processing time.


Revision 2.1.3                16 OCT 2020

 WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar Suite installed)

You must upgrade the MV Components.

You must execute LK.DEMOFILES DELETE and LK.DEMOFILES to create them again if you want to use the Demo files.

If you use Automatic Classes in .NET you must update the Linkar Client DLLs.


0000617: New Broken Lines Management. More Details here

0000616: New Refresh Settings behaviour.

Now all of the EntryPoint's "green" properties are updated at the time of EntryPoint recording. The following properties have been removed: Disable Refresh settings and Time interval to refresh settings

In Linkar Manager the option to perform a manual refresh has been removed.


0000614: New alarm system to send by email

Three categories of alarms: ERRORS, WARNINGS, INFO. More details here

0000554: Fixed: Lowercase letters in the EntryPoint name cause failures


0000612: Automatic Classes. HotFix with Calculated option in false


0000558: Leading zero in dict items results in LKFLDn in schema results

Fixed, now appears the name of the dictionary



0000543: Solve wrong access to port 0 when EntryPoint doesn't exist. 192.168.1.x:0



0000610: corrected selection for an ADI in D3 as "A]" "S]"

0000591: New LK.TRACE File in Linkar Account

One record from each database line conected with Linkar Server, with two states: Waiting or Running. More details here


0000613: Calculated Option. HotFix when calculated is true and there is not calculated dictionaries in file

Previously the entire calculated field was sent empty without register separators. Now the record separator is sent




Revision 2.1.2        27 AUG 2020

Only for installations using MVSP on D3 10

WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar SERVER installed)

You must upgrade the D3 MV Components.


0000555: Fixed MVSP connection issues in D3 version 10


Revision 2.1.1        21 AUG 2020

 WARNINGS (if you already have Linkar SERVER installed)

You must upgrade the MV Components.


0000552: Fails Automatic Start with database in another machine

LinkarServer in Windows: restarting the computer was not stopping the LinkarServer service properly.

So if there were open EntryPoints with established connections to the Database, these connections were not closed properly.

This can cause that once the LinkarServer restarts, the EntryPoint could not reopen the connections correctly.


0000551: Database encoding. Fixed malfuncions

LinkarServer in Windows, having the Encoding of the profile configured as "Default", connects and works with most of the databases.

LinkarServer in Windows uses code page 1252 as the Default Encoding. However, Linkar Server in Linux uses code page 651001 (UTF8) as the Default Encoding. And Linux databases don't work well with this code page,

Therefore, in the Profile configuration, it is necessary to indicate the correct Encoding of the Database. In most Linux databases the code page is 437 or 850.


In some scenarios, LinkarServer did not make the correct conversions between the encoding of the LinkarServer application (Windows / Linux) and the Database. This could cause MV marks and/or accented characters not been sent or received correctly. This had different consequences :


oWhen opening an EntryPoint, the connection with the Database could not be established, because the MV marks were not arriving correctly.

oIn some cases, the MV marks were sent and received correctly, but there could be problems when interpreting some special characters (accents, ñ, ...)


Version 2.1                30 JUN 2020

         Supported MV Basic Linkar VSCode extension.


Version 2.0 Beta        15 APR 2020

 Based on .Net Core

 Added new Linkar REST API

 Fully manage via browse for Linkar MANAGER

 Added new database mvBase

 New Dashboard for Linkar SERVER control

 New resource library for downloading desired client types

 New notifications and downloads for:

         New Linkar SERVER versions

         New MV Components versions

         New plugin versions

 New online automatic activation system

 New online licence recovery system (hardware changes, etc.)

 New EntryPoint login system, new Login String help for Telnet, SSH and Sockets.

 New Login Strings templates for the different databases

 New ability to save Customized templates for Login Strings

 Enhanced documentation and code samples

 New Refresh Settings method.

 New feature to allow configuration change without restarting Linkar Server or EntryPoint.

 and much more


Version 1.5.0                01 APR 2019

New Linkar Schemas Structure to define additional properties in file definitions and dictionaries.


Linkar adaptation in order to work with plugins.


New Linkar Http Server for Linkar Schemas connections.


New Evaluation Licence with Expiry Date.


New Linkar Schemas parameters. General Parameters named Master Parameters and EntryPoint Parameters.


COMMON BLOCKS for files. Linkar could have 100 files opened in each EntryPoint to improve performance.


GetVersion extended function.


New LkSchemas, LkProperties and GetTable functions.


New Linkar Client library for .Net Framework Core.


Linkar MANAGER Changes


·Configuration Tab:
·New Linkar Schemas button in the main bar that gives HTTP access to Linkar Schemas.
·New Linkar Schemas buttons in the Linkar MANAGER Section that gives HTTP and HTTPS access to Linkar Schemas.
·New Master Parameters section for Linkar Schemas General Parameters.
·New property in the User Section allowing or disallowing users to access Linkar Schemas.
·New Plugins Section in Licence Data, for Plugins management and activation.
·Possibility of enabling or disabling handshaking in Socket or Telnet type connections (e.g. with D3/Windows Telnet).


·Monitor Tab:
·A new option is added to the EntryPoint contextual menu that allows the COMMON BLOCKS to be reset.


·Client Sessions Tab.
·New Plugin Ref column that shows Session Plugin if this has been started by a plugin.
·New ClientLibrary Type column. This shows the connected client type (.Net, Mono, Schemas,C Linux,C Windows)


·At the command sequence of the Telnet Type EntryPoint connection the variable “forceap%” has been changed to “forced3port”. If the old one is being used this must be manually changed to the new one.



Version 1.4.0        01 JAN 2019


 New connection types are included for D3 databases (Windows and Linux): MVSP, Telnet and SSH.


 SOCKET type connection for Windows D3 database is removed.


 Linkar SERVER: JAGENT password (jBASE) was not saved as encrypted. Corrected.


 Linkar SERVER: Empty passwords are not encrypted.


 Linkar MANAGER: RxTimeout in JAGENT connection type was not saved on the Linkar SERVER. Corrected.


 Create a new LinkarClientJS.js module in Client Libraries to ease connections between Node.js and Linkar SERVER.


 Installation / update process: when Linkar MANAGER was opened to complete the settings, installer window was not closed. Corrected.


 BUG in Linkar MANAGER. In the Monitor tab, in the EntryPoints list, when only the second or third is selected, ... information was not displayed in the columns corresponding to the Profile data


 In Linkar MANAGER the visualization text box of the Linkar MANAGER and Linkar SERVER versions was too small and all the information was not shown.


 PYTHON Demo has been moved to \ Demos \ PYTHON folder, along with the module, and is ready to run.


 A new Demo for Node.js has been included.


    Telnet and SOCKET connection modes: the login management table now includes a contextual menu that allows rows to be deleted and added and for them to be moved up and down.


     Exception generation in non-COM assembly functions of Linkar Client's is included. A new LkException class has been included to manage specific Linkar exceptions.


Version 1.3.0        20 NOV 2018


 New module in Client Libraries to facilitate the connection between Python and Linkar.


 Linkar SERVER user name is not case-sensitive and is always saved and displayed in uppercase.


 Corrected BUG in Linkar MANAGER, when a new PROFILE is created the configuration is saved and the newly created PROFILE is erased.


 Linkar MANAGER: The Monitor tab shows the MV components Version used by each connected EntryPoint.


 Linkar CLIENT: the order of the arguments reflected in documentation did not correspond with the real ones in the Direct Synchronous Delete <T> method.

                   The order of arguments "DeleteOptions, deleteOptions" and "string originalRecords" have been exchanged to coincide with the documentation and with the usual order of the other methods.


 BUGs in Linkar SERVER:

         Allocated memory was not released correctly after a Direct operation.

         After modifying the "Keep database Log Files" property in a Linkar MANAGER EntryPoint this has no effect until the service is restarted. Now all that is required is to stop the EntryPoint and restart it.


 BUGs in C Library:

         The "host" argument of the "LkCreateCredentialsOptions" function did not work with the domain name. It now supports either IP or the domain name.

         Correct values of the "newOptions" argument were not sent to the Direct NewD function server in certain circumstances.

         Correct values of the "updateOptions" argument were not sent to the Direct UpdateD function server in certain circumstances.

         Correct values of the "deleteOptions" argument were not sent to the Direct DeleteD function server in certain circumstances.

         Correct values of the "selectOptions" argument were not sent to the Direct SelectD function server in certain circumstances.

         The LkGetLocalVersion function did not return the correct version of the client.

         "" library compiled with the reference to the "crypto" library


 New functions in C Library:

         void LkFreeMemoryStringArray (char ** ptr, uint32_t count) Allows all assigned memory blocks to be released by functions that return char ** data (such as LkGetErrorsFromLkString, LkGetRecordsFromLkString, etc ...)

         void WrapperPy_LkFreeMemoryStringArray (char * ptr, uint32_t count) PYTHON cannot invoke the LkFreeMemoryStringArray function directly. PYTHON can invoke the LkFreeMemoryStringArray function indirectly using this wrapper.


 ERRATA in documentation: The argument order of "LkCreateCredentialsOptions" function in C library was not correct.


 ERRATA in "linkarClib.php": LkReplace result operation was not being applied to the original record


 Dynamic management of Linkar users added:

         New users can be deleted, modified and created without restarting the service.

         Data is updated dynamically on the server when saved.

         Deleted users who are connected, will remain connected, but will not be able to start new sessions. The user is definitively deleted when the last session is closed.

         CONNECTED users that have been DISABLED in a PROFILE and / or ENTRYPOINT, will continue to be able to carry out operations until they are disconnected.


 Correct version of Linkar is shown in the properties of the executable files (LinkarService.exe, LinkarManager.exe, LinkarTester.exe, and LKSendCommand.exe) and client libraries (LinkarClient.dll and LinkarClientCOM.dll).



Version 1.2.0        01 OCT 2018


         New Connection Type allows access to jBASE database.

         Linkar SERVER usernames are not case sensitive.

         Corrected BUG in Linkar TESTER: In Select operation tab, Custom Vars text box values were not collected

         Corrected BUG (undeclared variable) in linkarClib.php



Version 1.1.0        01 AUG 2018                


New Client Library for Languages and Environments compatible with C Libraries, such as PHP, NodeJS, etc.

New DEMO under PHP Linux and C Library with PHP Extension



Version 1.0.0        01 MAY 2018