The following tools are included to help you test and exploit all the qualities of this product.

Linkar TRAINER is a .NET Core 3.1 application that uses Linkar Framework libraries compiled in .NET Standard 2.0.
The purpose of this application is to achieve two objectives:

  • To serve as a tool to check the correct operation of each of the Linkar Framework library functions, Linkar Trainer connects with a Linkar server against which to execute the dif-ferent functions of the libraries
  • To serve as an aid to the developer, by showing the syntax of each of the functions in the different programming languages.

When you open the Linkar Trainer, a tree structure is displayed with all the available groups of functions.

Each of the final branches of this tree corresponds to a group of functions of a specific library.

There are 3 main groups of functions:

  • The Functions group concentrates the operations that are invoked as a function in your code. Each operation will correspond to a function and its arguments will be different according to the needs of each operation.
  • The Commands group refers to a special operation called SendCommand that allows you to send any other operation to the server through a text argument that we call command.
  • The MV Operations group corresponds to the “Linkar.Functions” library where you can find the group of functions, among others, which are related to the manipulation of character strings with Multivalue marks.

Verifying the database configurations may help you to familiarize with how to connect and work with Linkar SERVER from client applications.

It allows you to graphically test the library functions through an application.

Just like the times measuring and the commands execution.

It is not an end user application.

Its function is educational allowing you to explore all the options and possibilities of the Linkar SERVER library functions.

This tool is included in Linkar MANAGER.

You can use it to test the Linkar REST API functionality. Download full source code with javascript from github

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