Linkar SERVER is a service that manages all communications with the different MultiValue databases. It is a sophisticated socket server that listens for CLIENTS requests. By accessing the database through the Linkar SERVER it has the following advantages compared to direct access from a client application:

  • Client applications through Linkar do not need an exclusive database licence. Different clients can share a single database licence with session pooling to maximize license efficiency.
  • Client applications do not need to manage connections with databases. The Linkar SERVER will open connections on demand, as required. The Linkar SERVER is also responsible for releasing open connections, automatically or on demand, when its use is no longer necessary, optimizing the use of licenses in the database.
  • Client applications are independently designed from the MultiValue database type that it will use.

The recommended Linkar SERVER connection types are shown  in the following table.

Database O.S. where LinkarServer is installed Recommended Connection Type Other Connection Types
OpenQM Windows / Linux / Mac OS Windows / Linux / Mac OS QMCLIENT SOCKET, TERMINAL
D3 Windows Windows MVSP TERMINAL
D3 Windows Linux / Mac OS TERMINAL
D3 Linux Windows MVSP SOCKET
UniVerse Windows / Linux Windows UNIOBJECTS SOCKET, TERMINAL
UniVerse Windows / Linux Linux / Mac OS SOCKET TERMINAL
UniData Windows / Linux Windows UNIOBJECTS SOCKET, TERMINAL
UniData Windows / Linux Linux / Mac OS SOCKET TERMINAL
jBASE Windows / Linux Windows jAGENT TERMINAL
jBASE Windows / Linux Linux / Mac OS TERMINAL
Reality Windows / Linux SOCKET TERMINAL
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