Joseba Real de Asua will carry out 2 webinars next Tuesday, 5 February. Choose the best time for you.

Recommended for New Zealand, USA and Europe
8:00AM (UTC+12): Wellington, New Zealand (Wednesday)
11:00AM PST: Los Angeles, USA
12:00AM MST: Denver, USA
1:00PM CST: Chicago, USA
2:00PM EST: New York, USA
7:00PM WET: London, UK
8:00PM CET: Paris, Madrid, Europe

If you want to attend to this webinar please fill the form:  New Zealand, USA and Europe form

Recommended for Australia, New Zealand, USA
9:00AM AWST: Perth, Australia (Wednesday)
12:00AM AST: Sydney, Australia  (Wednesday)
2:00PM (UTC+12): Wellington, New Zealand  (Wednesday)
5:00PM PST: Los Angeles, USA
6:00PM MST: Denver, USA
7:00PM CST: Chicago, USA
8:00PM EST: New York, USA

If you want to attend to this webinar please fill the form: Australia, New Zealand and USA form

Estimated duration of webinar: 45 minutes

Downloading Linkar Suite:
o what version is best for me?
How to install Linkar:
o what do I need?
o Installing Linkar Server (Linkar Manager).
 Activating Linkar.
 Setting up Linkar Server.
 Setting up Users.
 Installing MV Components.
 Setting up Profiles.
 Setting up Entry Points.
Session pooling.
o Monitoring connections with Linkar Manager.
Linkar Tester:
o Testing to see if everything is operating correctly.
o What can I do with Linkar?:
 Login.
 Calling a subroutine.
 Selecting.
 Reading.
 Updating.
 Adding new data.
 Deleting data.
 Conversions, correlatives, dictionaries.
 Executing TCL.
 String functions.
 LKSENDCOMMAND, opening my connectivity from/to everywhere.
o With .NET.
o With Java.
o Mobile.
Licences, prices, Kosday business model with Linkar.