Are there special prices for License Volumes?2020-04-11T19:51:31+02:00

Yes. Contact us here and tell us about your requirements.

Is Annual Subscription Required?2020-04-11T19:52:01+02:00

Annual Subscription only is required for the first year. After that year you are free to renew it or not.

What does the Subscription offer me?2020-04-11T19:52:27+02:00

A Subscription is offered with the Pro License that allows you to obtain all Updates and new License versions. You also have Customized Support by priority email.

Do you always apply VAT in the European Union?2020-04-16T08:49:26+02:00

This depends, if you are a company with a valid VAT Number, then please write the number down correctly on the purchase form by adding the first two letters of your country to it. VAT will not be applied on the purchase if the VAT number is valid. If you are an Individual, the VAT will be applied according to the Country you indicate in the Billing Data.

Will I receive a Purchase Invoice?2020-04-16T08:53:47+02:00

Yes. Once the payment is confirmed you will receive an Invoice by email.

Money Return Guarantee?2020-04-16T08:54:23+02:00

Please contact our support department if you have technical problems or errors during the 30 first days from the date of purchase, which prevent you from using the product on your computer. We will do our best to resolve the problem. In the case we cannot resolve it and it does not work, the money will be refunded to you.

In order to avoid this, we recommend that you install and start up the Free Lite Version before purchase.

How do I Update the Lite version?2020-04-16T08:54:45+02:00

The Lite version does not have access to Automatic Updates, or to customized Support. You must simply download the last published version and reinstall it to update it.

Does the Licence expire or is it Permanent?2020-04-16T08:55:48+02:00

The only thing that will expire is the Subscription. The working Licence will be Permanent on the Windows User where you installed it.

What License types are there?2020-04-16T08:56:58+02:00

The Free Lite License is free of charge and does not require any activation. The support supplied is the one that exists in the Forum and the Updates are carried out by reinstalling the new versions.

Pro License has a fee and requires Activation. On purchase, the first year of subscription is mandatory and allows  access to Updates and Customized Support by email.

Please feel free to ask about our Evaluation License