The GetD3 add-in for Excel will help you access data from your D3 database easily and quickly.

You can view files and dictionaries with a single click, execute sentences and subroutines, obtain values, multivalues ​​and subvalues ​​without complications and many other things. All this from your spreadsheet, you will not need to leave Excel to have at your disposal all the power of D3 in your documents. (Required D3 9.0 or later and MVSP Server)


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Select the number of Licenses you wish. Each License allows you installing the product in one computer.
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We strongly recommend you install the Lite Version and test it before purchasing.

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The subscription starts when you Activate the License. The renewals are independent by License.

Pro Licenses Price
From 1 onwards $ 165.00 per each license.
Subscriptions Price
From 1 onwards $ 50.00 per each license.
If you are a software Company, register and ask us about the conditions.
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If you have technical problems or errors that prevent you from using the product on your computer during the first 30 days from the date of purchase, please contact our support department. We will do our best to solve the problem. If this is not possible, and you are unable to make it work, your money will be refunded.

Group Licenses
  • Connection to local and remote database. (*)
  • Simultaneous connection to different data accounts.
  • File List (LISTFILES).
  • Dictionaries List (LISTDICT).
  • User Queries. Free Queries construction by the user.
  • System Queries. Queries construction directly from the data base. These are not handled by the user.
  • Varclauses. Questions Creation in order to customize the Query.
  • GETD3 Function. From a Cell:
    • Returns an atribute, multivalue or subvalue from an Record in a File.
    • Returns the result of Dictionaries.
    • MV marks changes by Newline.
    • Output Format can be, Numeric, Text, Date.
    • MV Sum.
  • SUBD3 Function. From a Cell:
    • Returns the result of D3 BASIC subroutine.
    • 20 input arguments maximum.
    • Can be used to update the Database.
  • Customized Configuration for all or for each User:
    • Enable/Disable Menu Bottons.
    • Block a user´s Connection.
    • Block entry to a particular data account.
    • Enable/Disable the acces to certain Files.
    • Create non-modifiable System Queries by the User.

(*) The remote connections are subject to the ports opening.

GETD3Lite FreePro
GETD3 Function YES YES
- Access through Dictionaries NO YES
- Output Options NO YES
- Connection to multiple data accounts NO YES
SUBD3 Function YES YES
- Maximum number of arguments120
- Connection to multiple data accounts NO YES
File List YES YES
Dictionaries List YES YES
User Queries YES YES
Maximum number of saved Queries3UNLIMITED
System Queries NO YES
VarClauses YES YES
Configuration from database (SUB.GETD3.LOGIN). NO YES
Maximum number of rows in Queries, Files and Dictionaries50UNLIMITED