The Lite Free License is free and does not require any activation. The supplied support is the one existing in the Forum and the Updates are carried out reinstalling the new versions.
Pro License is for a fee and requires Activation. With the purchase 1 year of subscription is included which starts with the Activation and allows the access to Updates and to the Customized Support by email.

License is of Exclusive Use by each Windows User of each PC.

The only thing that will expire is the Subscription. The working Licence is Permanent on the Windows User where you installed it.

Once bought the License in the webpage you will receive an email with the Serial Number assigned to the purchase. Presssing the Activation Button inside Excel, a form where you write your Serial Number is opened.And if you have Internet connection you press the Active Button and if everything is correct your License will be automatically activated.

The Lite version does not have access to Automatic Updates, or to customized Support. To Update you must simply download the last published version and reinstall it.

Before purchasing we recommend you to install and execute the Lite Free License. If everything has gone correctly and the Add-in is perfectly compatible with your setup, you can make the purchase quietly. This way we avoid problems.

If you have technical problems or errors that prevent you from using the product on your computer during the first 30 days from the date of purchase, please contact our support department. We will do our best to solve the problem. If this is not possible, and you are unable to make it work, your money will be refunded.

Yes. Once the payment is confirmed you will receive the Bill by email.

This depends, if you are a company with a valid VAT Number, write it correctly on the purchase form. You should first write the first two letters of your country. If the VAT number is valid, the VAT will not be applied on the purchase. If you are an Individual the VAT will be applied according to the Country you indicate in the Billing Data.

When buy several Licenses of the same product at the same time, you can opt for Group the Licenses in a unique Serial Number or keep them separated.
You decide it in the purchase moment without change posibility. Having a unique Serial Number simplifies the paperwork. And Quiet, it does not affect to the Subscription terms nor to its Renewal. The subscription starts in the moment of activating each License, and the renewal is independent by License, not by Serial number.

A Subscription is offered with the Pro Licence that allows you to obtain all Updates and new Licence versions. You also have Customized Support by priority email.

Annual Subscription is not required. When you buy the Licence you already have 1 years’ Subscription included. After that year you are free to renew it.

The Subscription costs a 25 per cent of the Licence Price. If for example you do not renew one year and wish to renew the next year you will have to pay both years or buy another Licence, whichever suits you best.

Yes. Contact us here and tell us your requirements.

We have tested from Windows 7 onwards. Both 32-bit and 64-bit. It´s very probable that they work in earlier versions.

In Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016 and Office 365. In other versions maybe you will be able to install it.

  1. Close all Microsoft Excel Windows.
  2. Run the instalation file and follow the setup wizard steps.
  3. Open Excel to see the Add-in working.

Close Microsoft Excel. From Uninstall a Program (in the Control Panel), choose the Add-in and follow the setup wizard steps. All Folders and Files generated in the setup will be erased.

Yes. You can have different add-ins installed and run them simultaneously.

No. If your database is in your own computer you do not even need local web connection in your computer. You only need Internet connection to get the updates.

If the database is installed in the same Computer where you installed the Add-in, you should write the IP Adress or “localhost” in Host. And if the credentials are Correct you should be able to get in.
Otherwise, if the database is in other computer of your network enviroment or in remote machines you should ensure that the IP Adress you write in the Host box is the correct one. Besides, the Port you indicate in the Connection should be opened in the Computer where the database is kept. Maybe you will have to add a Firewall entry rule or simply deactivate it.

If while the update download or setup process any error is produced, maybe the product is not correctly installed. Facing such situations, is recommended to completely uninstall the product and make the download again with the last version of the installer downloaded from Before carring out the uninstall is recommended to make a “config.xml” file backup placed in the %APPDATA%\KOSDAY\product. (being product: GETQM o GETD3 o GETSQL) folder, to preserve the connection data, user settings and other configurations when the product is reinstalled again.
Once carried out the backup in the “config.xml” file, the uninstall will be attempted from the control panel, for that press Win+R keys (key with the Windows logo simultaneously with R key). A window in which must be typed: control appwiz.cpl. will be shown. With this, the program list installed in the computer will be shown. KOSDAY product must be located and attempt the uninstall from here. If the product does not appear in the control panel, or if in spite of appearing it does not get correctly uninstalled, you must open Excel and manually uninstall the product.
For the manual uninstall from Excel you must access the “Options” menu and from there to the “Add-ins” section. In the add-ins section it can be necessary to uninstall the product in different areas: “Excel Add-ins” and “COM Add-ins”.
Firstly we acces to the “Excel Add-ins” area. In the available add-ins list, if the selected KOSDAY product appears the verification box must be unchecked.
Secondly, we access to the “COM Add-ins” area, look for an available add-ins list in the KOSDAY product name, if it is activated we deactivate it (uncheck verification box) and now “Remove” button is />Finally, you should check wether the instalation folder of the product is deleted. If it is not, we will acces to the %APPDATA%\KOSDAY folder and inside that folder, if there is another one with the product name that we want to uninstall, we will delete it entirely.
Once installed the new product, if you wish to recover the data connection, user settings, etc do not forget restoring the previously saved “config.xml” file.

Go to File/Options/Add-ins and push in Go…to Manage the Excel Add-ins. If you do not see installed the Add-in, push Search and go to %appdata%\kosday folder. Choose the installed Add-in folder and you will see two xll extension files. One of them with 32 bits and other of 64. Choose the one that corresponds with, whether your Excel or your computer. Going back to your Excel you will see the Add-in in the Menu.

In all of them, be Linux, Windows, etc.etc.

It is not necessary to install anything in QM to make the Add-in work. But if you wish to Customize the user configuration and create System Queries you will have to compile and catalogue a BASIC subroutine called SUB.GETQM.LOGIN. You have the source code in the Help and you will be able to adapt it to your needs.
If you need to keep the Port opened in that Computer for QM the port by default is 4243.

  1. You create a data account from QMSYS, for example DEMO.QM
  2. From the TCL of the DEMO.QM account you execute the SETUP.DEMO command. This will create the Files that QM supplies for its demonstrations.
  3. With the Help Button you will see a link to Other Resources. A Folder where you have the example spreadsheet is opened and some TXT. Files. These TXT files are BASIC subroutines that you can install in the DEMO.QM account. You create a File, for example the DEMO.BP, compile it and catalogue these routines.
  4. From GETQM Add-in you connect to DEMO.QM and open the Example Spreadsheet.

From 9.0 version, on in any, always and when you have MVSP Server Configured.

To make GETD3 able to access to D3 is necessary that you have already installed and configured the MVSP Server. This Product is not included in GETD3 and requires D3 9.0 or superior version.
MVSP Server requires having an opened port (90000 by default) and an special account called MVSP where you must active the Users and the necessary Data Accounts. For further information use the Rocket Software webpage.

And if you wish to Customize the user configuration and create System Queries you will have to compile it in FlashBasic mode and catalogue a BASIC subroutine called SUB.GETD3QM.LOGIN.

  1. For the Example Spreadsheet setup we use MVDEMO Account, which comes by default when you instal the MVSP Server.
  2. With the Help Button you will see a link to Other Resources. A Folder where you have the Example Spreadsheet and some TXT Files is opened. These TXT Files are BASIC Subroutines that you can instal in the DEMO.BP file from MVDEMO account, compile in FlashBasic mode and catalogue those routines.
  3. From GETD3 Add-in you get connected to MVSP and open the Example Spreadsheet.

No need to install anything in the SQL to make the Add-in work. But if you wish to Customize the user configuration and create System Queries you will have to install an Scalar function called SUBGETSQLLOGIN. The source code is in the Help and you will be able to adapt it to your needs.
If you need to have the Port opened in that Computer for SQL the default Port is 1433

  1. For the Example Spreadsheet setup we use Northwind Database. You can download here.
  2. With the Help Button you will see a link to Other Resources. A Folder where you have the Example Spreadsheet and some TXT Files is opened. These TXT Files are Scalar Functions that you can install in Database.
  3. From GETSQL Add-in you get connected and open the Example Spreadsheet.

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